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I'm not a stranger here anymore


"I wish I had met her 100 years ago, we are such good friends!" London befriender Sue hit it off immediately with Layla, feeling impressed and inspired by her new Iranian friend.

They live close by one another. Sue dropped off gifts for Layla during covid lockdown when they couldn’t see each other and called regularly. They missed seeing each other and resumed face-to-face as soon as they could.


It’s crazy! The woman is incredible, she is so personable, she knows so many people. We see each other as equals, total acceptance, respect and warmth, we have the same outlook on life. She made me a beautiful Iranian meal and I was humbled. I never expected it to be so much fun. It was meant to be.


Nothing helps like having a real friend. I feel like I’ve known her for ages. It is important the warmth your host gives you. She is like a sister. She doesn’t judge me. She is the most valuable thing I have in this country. I told my family in Iran about her. I’m not a stranger here anymore, I have a friend in this country. It makes me optimistic about the future. I don’t feel I’m lonely, I’m not homesick and life is more interesting.
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