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Refugee Week 2022 is all about healing

This Refugee Week explores the theme of ‘Healing’. It is a celebration of community, mutual care and the human ability to recover from painful experiences.

No-one understands this better than those who have been forced to leave home and build new lives from scratch. We have so much to learn from refugees about holding onto hope when everything seems impossible.

HostNation exists to welcome asylum seekers and refugees into our communities by forging  friendships with local people. This makes our cities better, more inclusive, happier places for all of us. Let’s imagine a world where healing replaces harm, and care becomes our shared currency.

In their own words

Our refugee and asylum-seeker friends speak about the healing power of friendship:

“It has absolutely made me feel happier. I’ve been recovering from my severe depression because I have no friends here, and with Anne I have someone to talk to. I feel more positive about living in London."

“I feel less lonely and my heart is happy when I call Mira.”

“This is life, to have friends, to talk. When you have a friend, life is better.”

“I enjoyed talking to her when I had problems and didn't feel good. I feel open with her. Before I used to get depressed, sadness, always taking tablets non-stop. I couldn't sleep. Today I can sleep.”

“I was dying inside, because of the thing that was missing. The one thing you need in life is love and care. The heaviness is all gone now. I am happy.”

“I feel very light with her.”

“It was wonderful and helpful to have him as a friend while I felt lonely and helpless.”

“She is like an angel to me.”

“I felt so good after seeing her. I felt fresh.” 

“Now at least once a week I can go out and feel free, I don't think about my situation. I find myself in a different life.  She changed the way I think about my life.”

“Talking is the most important thing for me, a friend that listens to me.” 

“Nothing could be better. Her friendship is real, not fake, that’s all you need.”

“This kind of positive commitment takes away the negativity of being alone.”

“We are like brother and sister.”

“One step forwards to having a normal life, friends etc. It's motivating me. Even if I don't feel like going out, because we've planned something, I do it.”

“Everytime I see her it puts a smile on my face.  I am so happy!” 

“My mind was blocked with worry about my situation, my family… they gave me some space for fun and kindness.”

Thanks a million to all our wonderful befrienders who are bringing so much joy and healing into their friends’ lives. 

If you think you are ready to befriend, we are currently recruiting in Manchester and Tyne & Wear. You can register here. We’re now open for applications in certain areas of London; please get in touch at

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