HostNation Case Study
She is an amazing woman

Mary works for a North London charity that supports isolated parents, and is strongly sympathetic to the needs of vulnerable people in the city.

coffeeIntroduced to Amira a few weeks before lockdown, she showed her neighbourhood shops selling the food she missed, took her to the local library and drove her round the sights of central London she had never seen in her four years here. Knowing she loved gardening, Mary also pointed Amira to a community project she was then able to visit on her own. Their relationship continued to grow during lockdown, with Mary dropping off food for Amira and her son, and the two staying in regular touch on FaceTime or Zoom.


Amira is hugely grateful but she is an amazing woman. It’s a weird mixture with befriending – the people you meet can appear extremely vulnerable and potentially over-dependent, but they are probably stronger than all of us.


I want to say thank you. I was alone and I didn’t know what happened to make Mary came into my life at a difficult time. I want to tell you: I can’t believe some people can help here. When I spoke to my family, sometimes friends and family call me, I say Mary is my best friend.

HostNation is a charity. Registered charity number 1180004