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How your regular donation can help us make friends

If you like what we do, but are not able to befriend,
please consider a donation through JustGiving below.

Be part of a truly positive story.

With an excellent track record in London, we are now in a growth phase, expanding into cities where refugee integration is crucial. We need regular donations to sustain our London, Manchester and Tyne & Wear operations and to help us to open new hubs in other UK cities. 

88% of our refugees feel better for having a friend.

Over 90% of our income goes on direct project delivery.  We have no premises or major overheads.  We are a small, lean charity and we want to increase our impact. Become one of our Friends In Deed by supporting us with a regular donation.


Sonja & Qadir in Manchester

Please use the below form, or donate directly

on our JustGiving page.

Thanks for all the work HostNation does.  I've heard nothing but praise from the clients I've referred to you. It reminds me that all the work we do is really worth it!

Orla van't Hoff

Housing & Advice Officer at the Refugee Council

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