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Could you be a Friend In Deed?

If you'd like to make friends with a refugee, we'd love to hear from you.
Register on one of the forms below or drop us a line at

What it means to be a HostNation friend

"It's a two-way thing and we are equals," as one befriender says. "We both get a lot out of it – we have a genuine friendship."

At HostNation we offer you a simple and informal way to reach out to a lonely refugee and introduce them to your city, your culture and your favourite activities.


Elissa & Yuliia

Jordan and Abdul in Brighton2023-09-15.jpeg

Jordan & Abdul in Brighton

Relax and have fun

It’s very flexible: you choose when and where to meet up. We suggest a weekly meeting and phone contact for an initial period of three months. After introducing you, we won’t step in unless you ask us to, but we're there for any support you need. We check in with a monthly phone call.


Refugees rarely get the chance to relax and just enjoy life. You are there to be yourself, chat and have fun. And you may just make a new best friend!

To find out more read our guide
Frances and Sisay_edited.jpg

Frankie & Sisay
in London

It's one of the most enriching experiences I've ever had.

Frankie, befriender

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