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Registration process

The form we ask you to fill in is both a screening and a profiling questionnaire and for this reason requests personal information. All personal information and documents are data protected and will not be shared with others. 


Airtable – the platform we use for our database – is fully encrypted using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption. To learn more about data protection read our privacy policy on this website.

We will ask you to upload a photo, a DBS check if you have one, and to provide us with the contact information for two references.  Once the information has been submitted and references checked, someone from the team will contact you to discuss befriending in more detail.  We will ask you to attend a 2-hour online befriending training session.

We also ask you to read our Befrienders' Guide, which has information on seeking asylum in the UK, the problems many asylum seekers and refugees encounter, how the system works, best practice befriending, boundaries, challenges, cultural differences, etc.

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