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She is family to me


Hanifah was on her own with a six-month old baby when we introduced her to Helen. In this interview in front of a live audience, she and Helen discuss the difference that befriending has made to both their lives.

"Life was a bit hard – living in London, having no friends, with no-one to talk to," explains Hanifah. "I didn't know you could get a friend! ... Helen is so easy to talk to. I don't have any family here, it's just me and my daughter, and whenever I really need Helen, she is there. She is family to me."

"We realised that we liked a lot of the same things," says Helen to her friend. "We realised that we like hanging out, going for a walk, really simple things... You've made such a massive difference to my life. I can't imagine life without you."


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