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"They gave me a piece of happiness."


We are thrilled to see some of our HostNation friends featuring in a heartwarming article in The Observer newspaper on the power of befriending.

Hafez who is here from North Africa has been finding settling in difficult and was still feeling very lonely after being here for two years. We introduced him to Sara and Salvatore and things have really changed for him.

“They’ve changed my life in London. They gave me a piece of happiness, to be honest. They gave me some space for fun and kindness.” Hafez

That’s the best thing that we at HostNation could ever wish to hear.

Meanwhile seasoned befriender George from Leeds often meets up to play football with Turkish refugee Said. While Said explains that he has learned better English, enjoys the football and is glad to feel more involved in the community, George is delighted too. It turns out Said is an excellent cook and he recently made a delicious dinner for George and his partner Suzy.

Read the full article here >


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