HostNation are excited to announce that we’re now working in partnership with IPC to provide refugee befriending in the North East from 2021.
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HostNation believes every refugee deserves a friend.
A digital means of connecting those offering friendship with those needing it.
Currently working in Greater London & Teesside.
We are a city & town-based introductory service connecting residents to refugees through small acts of kindness, inclusion and friendship. As a result of Covid we now offer ‘smart’ befriending where matching, introductions and initial befriending can also take place online. Regular video-calls are followed by face-to-face meet ups when both parties feel ready. We ask for a minimum commitment of three months but many matches tell us they have become friends for life.
Our towns and cities are much friendlier places with a local by your side.
Total number of HostNation befriender hours
in the first 3 months of befriending
If you like what we’re trying to do, but are not in London or Teesside or don’t have the time to befriend, then please consider a one-off or recurring donation.
To get a feel for befriending watch our two new shorts starring Suzy, Hakim, Sue and Julie:
Watch Hanifah telling her befriender, Helen, what a difference befriending has made:
And here’s HostNation’s founder, Anneke, discussing the value of befriending with one of our Trustees, Dina, who fled Iran as a child.
The Befrienders’ Guide
For detailed information on befriending and background to seeking asylum in the UK read our guide. It also includes answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS).
Refugee Support Organisations
For a fairly comprehensive list of organisations that provide refugee support - advice, casework, housing, legal, social, drop-in centres - use our links and help befriendees find the support in the capital that they need.
Read what recent friends have said about their experiences.
“We are fast becoming good friends”
“She is such a lovely person to spend time with and I genuinely look forward to seeing her”
“I feel I’ve learnt so much by doing this. Its been really interesting and humbling”
“This has opened a window of new interests and fulfilment for me that I find difficult to put into words. It’s been very enriching and positive”
“She’s impressive and inspiring and knowing her has enriched my and my family’s life”
“He and I are getting on great!”
“It’s a very good match. I’m really pleased by how well we get on given we come from such different cultures and speak different languages”
“I’m not feeling lonely any more”
“To have someone I can go out with, someone who cares, who thinks of me, who calls me: …things like this make you feel human again”
“I don’t feel as scared to talk to English people now as I did before”
“I’ve been learning English slang like 'hanging out'”
“It’s like having someone to do my life with”
“The most important thing is that you feel more welcome and you are not isolated. There is someone there who cares about you”
“I’ve been to many new places and feel much more confident about living in London”
Loving the Stranger in the Time of Coronavirus: The HostNation Story
Anthony Berman gives a personal account of HostNation, before and after COVID-19, and the benefits it has brought to refugees and asylum seekers and their befrienders.
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